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  1. The below MediDial Healthcare Store Terms & Conditions must accompany the completed application form (on page 2) with the required certified documentation for the application to be considered and approved.
  2. The following documentation must be attached in order for the rental application to be processed:     a. Utility bill e.g. water and lights account. b. I.D. book or driver’s license (certified copy)
  3. The rental period works as a 30 (thirty) day cycle. First time rentals require a full month’s rental plus the full deposit.
  4. Should the rented equipment be returned before 30 (thirty) days has lapsed, a pro rata amount will be refunded, calculated as a daily rate.
  5. The equipment rented remains the property of MediDial Healthcare Store, and we may without any prior notice retrieve the equipment even if all amounts due have been paid. If the rental for the equipment has been paid in full, upon retrieving it before next due date, the pro rata amount will be refunded.
  6. With every new month’s rental due, the payment for the next 30 (thirty) days must be paid within 7 (seven) days from the due date. Failure to comply with this will result in your account being handed over for debt collection.
  7. Loss, theft or damage to any equipment will be charged for in full and will be the responsibility of the renter to pay.
  8. All batteries supplied with equipment must be kept charged at all times. Batteries kept uncharged will result in battery cell damage and will be the responsibility of the renter to pay.
  9. Deposit refunds will not be refunded the same day the product is returned. The products will undergo a thorough inspection and within 72 hours should the product be declared free of any faults, the deposit be refunded via EFT.
  10. By accepting this rental agreement you are agreeing to uphold the guidelines as well as accepting the Terms & Conditions as stipulated.