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Easy Sandpit Cleaning & Disinfecting

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Sandpits provide many hours of fun for children, and allow for lots of different types of play but unclean sandpits can cause infections and diarrhoea and can give young toddlers parasites and worms.

With a small amount of care, play sand can be kept hygienic, clean and safe for children to play in.

QuadexTM Sandpit Powder has been specifically formulated to safely disinfect sandpits and play sand in schools, nursery schools and public parks, where the pit is used on a daily basis and subject to heavy human traffic.

Sandpit Powder is available in 5Kg tubs from MediDial Healthcare Store.


Tips for general care of sandpits:

1.  Make sure the sandpit stays as dry as possible.

2.  Play sand should be washed at least once a month with tap water.

3.  Allow sand to dry completely and then add 1kg SANDPIT POWDER for every cubic metre play sand.

SANDPIT POWDER lasts approximately 1 month in the play sand.  Regular maintenance and cleaning of play sandpits will ensure safe hygienic fun.