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Abri-Flex Eco Friendly Adult Pull-ups

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Truly individualized care means a wide, specialized product range with not only conventional products but also special, innovative solutions.  This philosophy is the cornerstone of Abena’s incontinence concept.  To improve quality of life, our product range has been developed with constant focus on the end user’s daily need for leakage protection and optimum comfort. At the same time, Abena saves overall costs for health care institutions by supplying unrivalled quality and performance.

Drop System

Abena’s drop system serves as a guide to indicate the right product choice for individual needs.

1-3 drops = light incontinence

4-5 drops = moderate incontinence

6-8 drops = heavy incontinence

9 drops = very heavy incontinence



- Discreet, modern pull-ups

- Secure fit for active users due to numerous lycra threads

- Super Soft nonwoven material ensures optimum comfort and the feeling of  wearing normal underwear

- Efficient, thin 3D Dual Core for optimal protection and dryness. Full absorption precisely where needed

- Unique TopDry system, providing a dry surface and rapid absorption

Available in 5 sizes and 4 absorbency levels to cover

a wide range of needs